Our People

Anne Dehn: Publisher


Anne’s job is really a jack-of-all trades in keeping the magazine running smoothly. She started as an administrative assistant, moving on to graphic design and technology management. Today, as publisher, she's the one to contact with questions, comments, suggestions and every other reason related to the magazine.

Rachel Givens: Editor


Rachel's contributions to Archery World are vast and varied. Starting out  as a copy editor, she moved on to writing stories. Now as Editor she continues to write and is the go-to person to ensure every comma is in it's proper place.

Larry Wise: Coaching & Tuning


Larry's skills as a coach and technician on compound bow equipment has  rightfully earned him worldwide recognition. He's been shooting archery  since 1955 and has authored several books on archery including CORE  Archery: Shooting with Back Tension. Wise travels extensively to put on  shooter schools.

Tom Clum: Traditional Equipment & Level 4 Coach


Tom is a Level 4 Coach, expert in traditional  and recurve archery. He coaches at (and owns) a pro-shop devoted to archery in Colorado. Tom has been shooting a traditional bow since 1982 and writes about traditional archery and coaching for Archery World.

Anthony Barnum: Bow Testing

Anthony Barnum - Bow Tester

Anthony's scientific methods provide rigorous and comprehensive tests of  compound bows. This way the bows can be compared on dynamic efficiency,  speed per inch of power stroke, noise output and vibration. Each year  he compares mid—priced bows, flagship hunting bows and either youth or  women’s bows.

Jon Teater: Crossbow Testing

Jon Teater - Crossbow Tester

Jon tests the dynamic efficiency, speed per inch of power stroke, noise  output, trigger force and precision of a crossbow in his thorough  evaluations. Like Barnum’s tests of compound bows, these crossbow tests  set the standard for objectivity and thoroughness.